Mixer Grinder and It’s Uses

mixer grinder


What is Mixer Grinder


A mixer grinder is a cooking device that is most commonly used in today’s modern kitchen. It is generally an electric appliance. It works on a gear-driven system which in turn rotates a set of blades or a set of beaters in a concealed bowl to prepare liquids or food by mixing them.

They are useful in the process of mixing, beating, grinding, whisking, stirring, chopping etc. A mixer can also be used to knead a dough when the blades are replaced by a dough hook. It carries out its function by spinning its blades on high speed.

They were invented in the 20th century and now have become a basic necessity in the cooking world. To achieve the highest cutting and chopping action the blades must rotate at a very high speed.

This high speed rotation of the mixer grinder provides an enhanced quality to the food being prepared like shearing which leads to aeration and resulting in the formation of emulsions. It is multitasking device, or we can say that it is a versatile device. It shortens the food preparing time. Some mixer grinders can also run on batteries. There are many types of mixer grinders like :


Coffee grinders


These grinders are used for grinding coffee beans into coffee powder. They can also be used for grinding spices like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, chilli powder, turmeric etc. Coffee can also be grinned in special burr grinders. Burr grinders provide a better quality of coffee as compared to the blade grinders. These grinders are also used for separating cardamom seeds from it’s pods.




These grinders use the high speed rotation of the blades to produce a shearing effect simultaneously with the cutting effect to make or process pastes and purees. Blenders are considered as blade grinders which are mostly used for the wet ingredients. Invention of this product has taken the style of the cooking to a next level.


Food Processor


They are very much similar to the blenders. The difference lies in the fact that they have short and wide bowls as compared to the blenders. This short and wide bowls are perfect for the semi-solid or solid food items. It is a proper shape for solid food items. Food processors don’t use a fixed blade, instead they use an interchangeable disks or blades which are also known as attachments. This is unlikely to take place in a blender.


Uses of Mixer Grinder


  • Used to grind spices like cardamom, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon etc.
  • Used to grind coffee beans
  • Used to grind sugar to make fine or powdered sugar or icing sugar
  • Used to make fresh juices from fruits
  • Used to make paste like ginger garlic paste
  • Used to make purees like tomato puree
  • It can be used to make prune juices for someone who is ill
  • Used to whip liquids or milkshakes or creams
  • Used to chop food items like vegetables, nuts or meat
  • Used to knead dough
  • Used to mash some food items