Mixer Grinder Buying Guide

buying guide for mixer grinder


A cooking device which is most commonly used in today’s time is the mixer grinder. Most of the times it is an electric device but it can also run on batteries. A mixer grinder helps in grinding, chopping, beating,, mixing, stirring, whisking etc. and is based on gear-driven system. It can also be used to knead a dough with the help of dough hook.

The functions of the mixer grinder are carried by spinning the blades in high speed. They are a necessity in the cooking world and were invented in the 20th century. It can be called as a versatile device whose purpose is to perform multi tasks like shearing, aeration and formation of emulsions. There are many types of mixer grinders like blenders, coffee grinders, food processor etc.

Following are some tips of buying a mixer grinder : 


  • Shape of Mixer Grinder

The jar of the mixer grinder comes in various sizes and shapes. When buying a mixer, it is necessary to note the size and the shape of the jar according to your needs. If you are living alone, a huge jar of mixer grinder will not be suitable for you, a compact size jar will be best but for a family a large size jar is considered as more suitable. The space of the kitchen or the workplace also determines the shape of the mixer grinder to be bought.

  • Quality of Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder with sharp blades, sturdy body and hand jars always make up for a better mixer grinder than the one which is made up of cheap material. It is suitable to buy a mixer grinder with a good quality and of a trusted brand.

  • Type of the Mixer Grinder

The type of mixer grinder depends on the need of the buyer or the consumer. It depends on whether the buyer needs it for grinding coffee or kneading dough or chopping or making fresh fruit and prune juices or milkshakes or for making pastes or purees. Mixer grinder can also be used for grinding spices.

  • Power and Voltage of the Device 

Average power range of a mixer grinder is 400 watts to 700 watts. In the range of this power, the product works and functions optimally and is pocket friendly on the heavy electric bills. The quality of the food is increased by the use of the mixer grinder.

  • Research on the Model 

It is necessary to research on the model that you want to buy – power, voltage output, shape, size, quality and design are some of the important parameters to compare different models and brands.